Our Purpose and Values

For some men and women who have sexually offended, trying to re-settle into the community, particularly following a period of imprisonment, may be a daunting prospect. They may feel isolated and fearful and in need of practical support; for example in finding work or managing their money. They may also struggle to rebuild a full and meaningful life whilst managing their on-going and potentially risky behaviour.


Circles work in partnership with Police, Probation, local Multi Agency Public Protection Arrangements and other professionals working in the field of child protection. Circles has at its heart the aim to prevent further sexual abuse, working with the objective of no more victims.

Circles do this by;

  • Helping a Core Member to reintegrate responsibly into the community.
  • Acting as a support and safety mechanism for both Core Member and the community.
  • Enhancing public safety when there is a perceived element of risk

Safety: We work towards the objective of no more victims

Support: Recognising that with necessary support and challenge,people have the ability to grow, learn and change their behaviour

Accountability: Holding individuals to account for their actions

Community reintegration: Managing risk through inclusion not exclusion

Community involvement: Recogising the importance of partnerships and community involvement.

Individuality and respect: Treating everone involed in circles with humanity and respect.

Our Purpose and Values



No More Victims

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