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“No More Victims”

Yorkshire and Humberside Circles of Support and Accountability is a community response to sexual offending, working in partnership with criminal justice agencies. Our mission is to reduce the risk of future sexual offences by supporting individuals who have committed sexual offences previously, thus keeping the community safe and creating no more victims.

We live in a society where sexual abuse provokes powerful responses within communities. The successful rehabilitation and reintegration of a sex offender requires consideration of their own needs, the victim’s needs and those of the community. Social isolation and emotional loneliness are key factors in increasing the risk of reoffending. Identifying suitable volunteers from members of the public to monitor and support a core member in the community is proving to be an extremely effective way of reducing this risk.


A Circle of Support and Accountability
is a group of 4 -6 volunteers from the local community who form a Circle around one core member - an individual who has previous convictions for sexual offending but who is motivated not to reoffend.

The volunteers support the core member to resettle into the community and establish a safe, positive and purposeful life for themselves. At the same time, they hold the core member to account for any worrying behaviour or thoughts, thus acting as a safety net for the local community and identifying concerns early.


The Circle will work closely with the local Circle Coordinator who is responsible for their supervision and support and also for sharing information from the Circle meetings with the statutory Criminal Justice Agencies, particularly the police and probation.

The Circle model originates from Canada
in the mid-1990s, when members of a community there came together to support and hold to account a man who had committed sexual offences. Despite being considered very high risk, he was being released with no supervision from statutory services as he was at the end of his sentence, and so the community, lead by a Mennonite Pastor, realised they were going to have to take responsibility for managing their concerns themselves.

The research based on the development of Circles in Canada initially, and more recently in the UK, has found that Circles have a very positive effect on reducing reoffending in those who have previous convictions for sexual offending and agree to take part in a Circle.

Our overall aim is to support people who are committed to stop offending to lead responsible, productive and accountable lives and by doing this to reduce the likelihood of them offending again so avoiding further victims. Ultimately, our long term aim is to be able to provide a Circle of Support and Accountability to every eligible individual in the region, who wants one.

We are currently recruiting for volunteers; it is an opportunity for you to utilise your skills, knowledge and experience to aid service users in their rehabilitation. Please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or on 01904 630 911 for further information and an application form

Our aim is to reduce the risk of future sexual offending by supporting those with previous convictions who are committed not to re-offend and to safely lead responsible, productive lives.

No More Victims’

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No More Victims

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